• Sharilyn Bielefeldt will undergo eye surgery on Friday, September 22, due to her aneurysm surgery last December.
  • Mike Michael passed away last week. He is survived by his wife, Jill Michael, and their son, Tim Michael. Please keep the Michael family in your prayers, asking for the Holy Spirit’s comfort during this difficult time. On September 30, there will be a visitation from 11 AM to 12 PM, followed by a Funeral Service and Lunch at Calvary Baptist Church.
  • Also, pray for Dennis Pond. He will be having surgery on October 17 to address his cancer. “God is so faithful, good no matter our circumstances.”
  • Please pray for the hiring process for the Children’s Ministry Director at Calvary Baptist Church.
  • Continue to pray for your “One.” Pray that God would work in their life and soften their heart. Pray for God to provide an open door for you to have a Gospel conversation with your “One.” As God opens the door of opportunity, pray for boldness and courage for yourself as you step through the door. Remember, you go in the strength of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit!
  • Rescued and Redeemed needs a lawyer to advise trafficked women. Please pray that the Lord brings the right people. Also, pray that the women seek the Father’s guidance. 
  • Please pray for Sali Bluse’s Family, as a member has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. The family would be strengthened as they walked through it, and this nephew would heal completely.  
  • Additional members of our Calvary family have health issues – Cody PetersonKathy HollomanBeth DietscheWilma ToyJana Nelson, Wyatt, Ainsley ColwellLavern, Nicole Stutzman’s dad, Emily Engstrom, and Mark Rieland.Our Shut-ins: Cindy McGinnis, Marlene Cripe, Patricia Prissel, Chris Martin, Wilma Toy Hodges, Bertha LeGore, and Carolyn and Dan Milledge

We always pray before we take a trip. We ask God to protect us in our journey and to bless our time away from home. Praying for others as they leave for a mission trip, whether short-term or a longer commitment, is also good. You may want to pray but do now know how to pray. Here are ways you can pray for our mission trip and our team:

Travel & Safety

  • Pray for the safety of our Uganda Team as we travel (to Uganda and back home) = that God would put a hedge of protection around the entire trip.
  • Pray that we will experience safe travel while on this mission trip.
  • Pray that we get to the airport in St. Paul safe.
  • Pray that check-in and security at all airports go smoothly.
  • Pray that all of our flights are on time.
  • Pray that we can rest during our flights.
  • Pray that our van gets us from the Entebbe airport to our hotel in Kampala.
  • Pray for our safety as we travel and minister around Kampala.
  • Pray that we will arrive back home to Eau Claire safely.
  • Gary and Barb Bennett Rwanda, Africa (WorldVenture) – Pray that we can acquire the necessary building permits to upgrade the facilities so more people could use an area.
  • Bruce and Carol Britten – retired Swaziland/Eswatini (TEAM) – Please pray for healing and wisdom for care providers.
  • Steve and Debbie Nutzmann – Uganda, Africa (Global Outreach) – Pray that we would clearly see the path God laid out for us to follow, for if it is not His plan, it should not be ours. For our family and friends that we miss dearly back home. Pray for our trip home in Oct. & Nov. that our days home are productive, yet we take time to recharge ourselves. 
  • Travis & Paula Barton – WI/South Texas/Mexico (More Rejoicing Ministries) – Please pray daily for Luis to have victory over his addictions. He currently is in a rehab center. Pray for his family as well. We are trusting God for a miracle.
  • Marty and Denise Shaw – Vice President of International Ministries (WorldVenture) – Our son Aaron and unemployed situation, and he can trust God through this challenge. Marty’s mother continues to slow down. We no longer feel comfortable leaving her overnight. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and love as we care for her at home.  
  • Midwest Bible Camp (Watertown, SD) (update) – Please keep the vital work of Watertown Celebrate Recovery in prayer as the leader has stepped down to start a group in another city.  
  • Tim and Cheryl Gilley – Eau Claire (MN and WI Awana) (update)– We are grateful to hear from some churches about God’s provision for workers in their Clubs. Completing office work needed this week – emails, connecting with new churches, answering questions, expense reports, etc. Please remember all the Awana churches as they start the new Club year to disciple kids to know, love, and serve Jesus! We will be traveling for Tim’s mom’s Memorial service Sept 21-29th. We appreciate your prayers for safe travels and for the time of celebrating Mom’s life.
  • Ben and Danielle Colbenson (River Falls, Navigators) – Wisdom in planning and implementing fall Bible studies, large group meeting topics, and outreach activities.  
  • Aaron and Heather Jones (Twin Cities, CRU Global) – Praise the work God is doing in Abe’s life and the revival in the remote village that is spreading.
  • Dave Johnson – Madison (CRU – Faculty Commons) – September 21 will be the first faculty-student outreach. Pray with us as we’ve set a goal of organizing eight small groups with 22 faculty. Praises: Dr. H came to our last drop-in lunch. Keep praying he would come to faith. The former President of UW System has agreed to speak at our A Common Call conference in Oct.
  • Alex and Taryn Bell – Madison (CRU) – Pray for incoming first-year students! Pray we would quickly find believers who are looking for community. Pray for openness and curiosity for those not yet walking with Jesus.
  • Tom and Tina Engstrom – Eau Claire (CRU) – Pray for students’ hearts to be open to the Gospel as they begin the fall semester. Please continue to pray for Emily’s health and wisdom for the medical providers and a clear path forward for recovery for Emily.    
  • Nick and Jena Fast – Eau Claire (Athletes in Action) – Pray for student-athletes who are beginning to help on the leadership team to be faithful and experience the Lord as they serve. Pray as we each are beginning new roles. Pray we would rest in Christ and not our performance. Pray for our kids as they start school.   
  • Jeff and Nancy Prior – Great Plains (Athletes in Action) – We would live out Galatians 2:20. We have a proposal on the table to make an annual Colorado Staff Retreat for our staff, which would be a 5-day retreat where our staff can come off-line to regroup and be invested in! Pray for a good venue and that the Lord would provide the needed funding. Pray for our good standing with Colorado Statue Univ. and the Univ. of Northern Colorado to continue and for our access to each athletic dept. would continue.
  • Logan and Lauren Koerten – Stevens Point (Intervarsity) (update)- Pray that the Spirit would lead us as a community in being hospitable and generous as we seek to build relationships! Pray for courage and boldness for our student leaders, especially as they follow up with those who fill out contact cards at our events. Pray over students that we’ll meet who don’t yet know Jesus – that God would soften their hearts, bring curiosity to their minds, and bring healing to the broken parts of their lives. Pray for us to have wisdom, confidence, and selfless listening ears to see those we’re encountering truly.  
  • Good News Jail and Prison Ministry – Prayer: For the shortage of correctional officers in several facilities where we serve. Additional volunteers are needed to teach Bible studies and core curriculum classes. For the families and children of inmates. For those in the Juvenile Detention Center. For the Sheriffs in the counties where we serve. For the transition of our women’s chaplain. Praise: For God’s faithfulness.
  • Hope Gospel Mission – Pray for the additional volunteers needed.
  • APPLE Pregnancy Care Center (update) – Praise for a great day for the Walk for Life.
  • WHEM Radio, WWIB Radio, Rescued & Redeemed – pray for each ministry as they share the love of Christ with those they minister.
  • Undisclosed – Pray for health and getting settled. For another, pray for God’s clear leading on the next steps as decisions will be made in the coming weeks. Pray for wisdom and strength in the difficulty of waiting. Praise for safety in traveling! Pray they are encouraged!! Pray for God’s peace.  
  • Operation Christmas Child – Pray as planning occurs for more boxes to be packed and sent.