• Please be in prayer for Wayne and Marge Peters. Marge fell yesterday and broke her shoulder and hip on the left side. They are asking for wisdom in their upcoming decisions regarding surgery and where the surgery will take place. Pray also for the healing process and all the extra accommodation needed as a result of this injury and recovery.
  • Caleb Ehlenfeldt has surgery next Friday, December 15th, to have his first rib removed at Mayo – Eau Claire. He will spend 1 to 3 nights in the hospital and two weeks off work.
    Praise Lord Joyce Russell is feeling well at her house after suddenly passing out at an eye appointment last week.
  • Pray for Wilma Toy as she recovers from a Covid she got last week.
  • Please keep praying for Micah Labovitch, pastor at Grand Rapids. He is at home struggling with pain while he slowly recovers from a head injury after falling on the ice in the parking lot of his church. Praise Lord the health providers think he will have any permanent damage.
  • The surgeon decided to reschedule the knee replacement surgery for Mark Brant to January 8th to give him time to fully recover from the flu-like infection he had last week.
  • We have been praying for Sarah, Elaine Geissler’s daughter, as she has been diagnosed with lymphoma. Praise Lord, Sarah has been told by her Dr that she does not have cancer.
  • Please keep praying for the hiring process for the next Children’s Ministry Director at Calvary Baptist Church. 
  • Dennis Pond is doing fine after his surgery. Praise Lord he was able to attend the service with us yesterday. Please, keep praying for his recovery process and for Jan Pond, as she is giving him the support he needs.
  • Pray for continued wisdom to know what steps we should take next for Emily Engstrom‘s health.  She is in a much more stable place now where many of her symptoms are being managed, but she still has a ways to go toward healing.  For more updates, visit her CaringBridge site.
  • Rescued and Redeemed needs more volunteers. They ask the Lord to continue to help with their steps as they prepare to campaign for a home to help the survivors.
  • Continue to pray for your “One.” Pray that God would work in their life and soften their heart. Pray for God to provide an open door for you to have a Gospel conversation with your “One.” As God opens the door of opportunity, pray for boldness and courage for yourself as you step through the door. Remember, you go in the strength of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit! 
  • Please pray for Sali Bluse’s Family, as a member has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. The family would be strengthened as they walked through it, and this nephew would heal completely.  
  • Additional members of our Calvary family have health issues – Cody PetersonKathy HollomanBeth DietscheWilma ToyJana Nelson, Wyatt, Ainsley ColwellLavern, Nicole Stutzman’s dad, Emily Engstrom, and Mark Rieland.
  • Our Shut-ins: Cindy McGinnis, Marlene Cripe, Patricia Prissel, Chris Martin, Wilma Toy Hodges, Bertha LeGore, and Carolyn and Dan Milledge.
We always pray before we take a trip. We ask God to protect us in our journey and to bless our time away from home. Praying for others as they leave for a mission trip, whether short-term or a longer commitment, is also good. You may want to pray but do now know how to pray. Here are ways you can pray for our mission trip and our team:
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will go ahead of us and prepare the hearts of the lost to respond to Jesus and that the Spirit will draw unbelievers to Jesus through the sharing of the Gospel.
  • We will be a target for Satan. He will try to use everything he can to take us down and stop us from proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus. Pray that we remember to put on the full armor of God to protect us from his tactics.
  • Pray that Satan will be bound from anything that distracts anyone from hearing the voice of God in the area where we will be sharing
  • Pray that divine appointments, both with those we share with, as well as others we might encounter while traveling
  • Pray that we might have clear words and boldness of speech – that the message will be proclaimed with power and produce life-change (transformation)
  • Pray we will have the opportunity to share a clear Gospel message with the people we are serving.
  • Pray that many people will come to know Jesus as their Savior, that believers will be strengthened and encouraged, and that we will be able to offer them hope, peace, and joy as we minister to them.
  • Gary and Barb Bennett Rwanda, Africa (WorldVenture) – CLIR – Receiving accreditation is an ongoing concern as we continue to work on curriculum that will satisfy government standards. DEVELOPMENT – That the NCM board would be able to discern the most beneficial way to invest the proceeds in order to build a foundation of sustainability for NCM’s future. OUR KIDS – After spending time with us here in Rwanda, God has begun working in all of our kids’ hearts regarding serving Him overseas. Please pray that God will continue to speak to them, guide them, and help them discern His timing.
  • Bruce and Carol Britten – retired Swaziland/Eswatini (TEAM)  Please pray for healing, wisdom for care providers.
  • Steve and Debbie Nutzmann – Uganda, Africa (Global Outreach) (update)– Praise for safety in travels.  Pray for adjustment back to life and ministry in Uganda.
  • Travis & Paula Barton – WI/South Texas/Mexico (More Rejoicing Ministries) –Pray for a Bible study that Paula is leading.  It is the first one that is all in Spanish that she will be leading by herself. 
  • Marty and Denise Shaw – Vice President of International Ministries (WorldVenture)  Pray for Marty as he is in Europe.  Pray for safety in travels and for his meetings there.
  • Midwest Bible Camp (Watertown, SD) (update) – Please pray for our staff who are having health issues.  Georgia with a partially torn retina, Bradley who requires shoulder surgery due to part of bone missing (birth defect), and Holly who is struggling with ulcerative colitis.  Also, their dog is having some issues, so Rev Hank and Holly needed to cancel their travel for Christmas. (Holly’s birthday is on Christmas, too.)
  • Tim and Cheryl Gilley – Eau Claire (MN and WI Awana) (update) – We are entering the month of December which means that we will travel less and focus on the end of the year. We get to spend time in gratitude for our faithful donors and encourage others to invest in child discipleship along with us, too. God also provides a time of rest and a celebration of the season in December for us as well. We appreciate your prayers on behalf of these ministries as God continues to desire for His Word to go out to children through Awana.  Thank you for your faithful service to us.
  • Ben and Danielle Colbenson (River Falls, Navigators) – Pray for a guys’ group where a group of believing and non-believing guys explore the topic of “Masculinity” through Dennis Rainey’s “Stepping Up” video series.  Pray for these guys to “step up” in life and in their walk with Jesus or take the journey to discover who He is.  Pray for students to continue to manage time well & prioritize spending time with Jesus daily.  Payten (last newsletter) was baptized this summer and is growing by leaps and bounds!  Wisdom for us on how to proceed with many different responsibilities we juggle.
  • Aaron and Heather Jones (Twin Cities, CRU Global) – Praise for disciples making disciples in areas where few know Jesus!
  • Dave Johnson – Madison (CRU – Faculty Commons) (update) – Praise: For the all-campus outreach, “Fill the Feast” – at least 229 spiritual conversations, 163 heard the gospel/3 put their faith in Christ. I took a CS prof out sharing – went through the gospel with an open senior. Praise: Dr. H has just finished reading Matthew! Thank you, Jesus, for giving him a desire to grow! Praise: Two Engineering profs have committed to go with me to help grow Faculty Commons in Brazil. Praise: I shared the Gospel clearly with the agnostic Chinese prof in my new small group. He’s searching! Praise: Caught time with Dr. S (Jewish Psych Prof) and continued to build the relationship. He’s open! I praise God with all my heart for all He has done this semester – beyond what I could ask or think! I am trusting the Lord with my support needs as some supporters must stop giving. The doctor is watching my PSA count closely.
  • Alex and Taryn Bell – Madison (CRU) – For stewardship of new students. As I look at a doc now, I see 150 new students at Madison, 130 at Whitewater, and 10-15 at each small school, but limited staff resources to connect with them all. Please pray students would take ownership and have vision to reach and love these new students.    The Madison College movement has grown this year with an influx of new and interested students. Praise God community is beginning to happen: students are discipling students, and fellowship is increasing.  Last newsletter, I wrote about Matthew. He trusted Christ the first day of school and met each week with me. We have gone through 5 foundational Christian principles. Pray for his most critical need– Christian relationships to encourage him and challenge him.
  • Tom and Tina Engstrom – Eau Claire (CRU) –   Please pray that God would continue to raise up others who would respond to His call to the mission field. The harvest truly is plentiful right now. The doors are open. Now is the time more than ever before to mobilize as many as possible to take the Gospel message to a world that is in desperate need of Jesus!    Pray for continued wisdom to know what steps we should take next for Emily’s health.  She is in a much more stable place now where many of her symptoms are being managed, but she still has a way to go toward healing.  For more updates, visit her CaringBridge site.  Pray for the 23 students who have trusted Christ so far in Northwest Wisconsin this fall.  We praise God for what he is already accomplishing in their lives!   Praise God for the 12 students (so far) who are planning to go to Thailand this summer on a summer mission.
  • Nick and Jena Fast – Eau Claire (Athletes in Action) – Pray for the women on the basketball team whose hearts seem to be more open to knowing God.  Pray God would continue to move and make Himself know to them.  Pray for boldness and courage for believing athletes to bring up Spiritual conversations with their teammates.  Pray that our children would see the opportunity they have to reach other athletes on their own youth sports teams and for Nick and I as we interact with the parents!  Thankful that our children have taken to asking their friends to FCA & inviting school friends to church.
  • Jeff and Nancy Prior – Great Plains (Athletes in Action) – that we would walk in the fullness of God’s Spirit each and every day.  Pray for our family.  Pray for a spiritual connection with one of our CSU basketball players that Jeff is trying to reach out to.
  • Logan and Lauren Koerten – Stevens Point (Intervarsity) – Pray that the Spirit would lead us as a community in being hospitable and generous as we seek to build relationships!  Pray for courage and boldness for our student leaders.  Pray over students that we’ll meet who don’t yet know Jesus – that God would soften their hearts, bring curiosity to their minds, and bring healing to the broken parts of their lives.  Pray for us to have wisdom, confidence, and selfless listening ears to truly see those we’re encountering.  
  • Good News Jail and Prison Ministry – Pray for the Hope pack outreach happening around the world.  Each Hope pack contains hand-picked culturally appropriate essentials and, most importantly, the gospel message.  Please pray for provision for these Hope packs and for receptive hearts to the Gospel message.
  • Hope Gospel Mission – Pray for the additional volunteers needed.  Pray for work on new counseling and learning center.
  • APPLE Pregnancy Care Center – Pray for new volunteer training.
  • WHEM Radio, WWIB Radio – pray has they reach people for Him through radio ministry.
  • Rescued & Redeemed – Pray for volunteers and provision for housing. 
  • Undisclosed – Pray for safety, health, and God’s peace.  Pray for clear direction. Pray for mentor opportunities with young leaders.  Pray for open doors for the Word.  Pray for paperwork issues.  Praise for open doors and answered prayers! 
  • Operation Christmas Child – Pray as the boxes go to the distribution centers.  Pray for volunteers as they process the boxes and prepare them for shipment.  Pray the recipients and their families will be receptive to the Gospel message.