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Birth UP to 3 years OLD

What: Two spaces to meet the needs of our youngest Calvary kids on Sunday mornings.  

Birth to walking: Babies need extra cuddles and special care, we have a space just for them in our Calvary kids area. Parents needing a space to feed their bottle fed or nursing infant are also welcome to use this space. See the volunteer at the check-in space for more information. 

Walking to 3 years old: Toddlers are beginning to explore and grow. Each child has a different set of needs and care at this age. Our team of volunteers will be there to help your child in their beginning stages of growing into who God created them to be.  


When: During the Sunday morning service


What: God’s great plan for redemption is clearly revealed for us in His word, the Bible. Our desire is to come along side families as they disciple their children to know Christ and how to live a life that glorifies him. We do this by sharing biblical truths with kids who join us during this time. We then provide resources related to the biblical truth taught for families to continue discipleship conversations at home through the week. 
When: During the sermon on Sunday morning


ages 4 to 5th grade
What: The purpose of AWANA at Calvary is to reach boys and girls in the Chippewa Valley with the Gospel of Christ. 
When: September through April on Wednesday nights from 6-7:30 pm

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Grades 6-12th
What: During our summers, we combine Junior High – Senior High and seek to go through one-two topics throughout the entire summer that we may know the Triune God and give Him the glory.
When: Wednesday’s 7:30 – 9:00 pm
or sign up for our Parent’s Group (HERE)


Grades 6-8th
What: Knowing the great changes our Junior High student’s experience, we seek to have them grasp concepts of Christian Thinking, Believing, and Living! We do this by Catechism and by topical teaching from the Scriptures.
When: September through May on Wednesday’s from
6:00pm – 7:30 pm
or sign up for our Parent’s Group (HERE)


Grades 9-12th
What: As Paul tells the Colossian believers to “let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly,” we desire the same for our students by verse-by-verse study of the text! We do so by giving students hands-on tools of how to study the Bible and putting it to practice!
Join us for worship through music at 7:15!
When: September through May on Wednesday’s from
7:30 – 9:00 pm
or sign up for our Parent’s Group (HERE)


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Caring ministry
What: Helping Hands is a ministry to people that need help with meals, child care, house work, and family emergencies (hospital, funeral, etc). The purpose of our Helping Hands Ministry is to assist the people of Calvary and our community by meeting their temporary needs to better connect them to God. Once signed up to help with this ministry, your name will be added to our list and you will be contacted when a need arises.
  • Meals – Providing a meal for someone who has had a baby, surgery, recently moved, etc. and delivering it to their home.
  • Transportation – Driving people to an appointment, airport, etc. when they are unable to drive themselves.
  • Housework – Helping with general cleaning and laundry if someone is restricted due to surgery, injury, or age.
  • Housing – Allowing missionaries, visiting speakers, or Calvary family relatives to stay in your home during their visit. Guests would be welcomed into family activities and meals if needed.
  • Funerals – Providing food for the fellowship time before or after funeral or helping the kitchen team team set up, prepare food, and clean up.
Contact: Church office at 715-832-6363 or email at hh@calvaryeauclaire.org

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What: This is our Ministry focused on spreading the Gospel to the whole world. AIM is involved in Seeking, Serving, and Sending: Seeking the lost, Serving their needs, and Sending people to minister God’s grace to them. Once sent, we also serve the needs of the missionaries.
Contact: Church office at 715-832-6363 or email at AIM@calvaryeauclaire.org

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Worship Arts ministry
What: The Levites of the Old Testament were commissioned by God to provide everything necessary for the nation of Israel to gather for worship. Calvary’s LeviTeam still believes and serves in that capacity with the…
  • United Prayer Ministry
  • AWARE Security Team
  • Custodial Team
  • Tech Team
  • Creative Team
  • Lead Worship Team

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Calvary construction & improvement team
What: C2IT is a ministry of Calvary that focuses on serving those in need through manual labor. Taking the example of the early church, the C2IT team uses the gifts and skills given to them by God to serve the church and community. Not only does this help others in a practical way but it shows the world that the love of Jesus Christ is not limited to inside the four walls. 
  • Home repairs
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Lawn care
  • Moving forward
  • Car repairs
Contact: Church office at 715-832-6363 or email at c2ithelp@calvaryeauclaire.org

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What: In order to best meet the needs of your individual walk with Christ, Calvary offers Connect Groups. These are small groups that gather together due to similar interests. They include Bible Studies, Life Groups, and more. Connect Groups are crucial to spiritual growth because they provide an environment for studying God’s Word, Prayer, and Worship.
Contact: We are always planning to expand these groups so if you are interested in leading a Connect Group or just need more information about the current groups please contact Pastor Josh van Gorkom at the church office at
715-832-6363 or email him at life@calvaryeauclaire.org.
Connecting people to God